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17,231 posts. You only really notice it because the revised set-up encourages you to ride faster than before. R. middleweight. J'ai aussi hésité comme toi et j'ai craqué pour la z750 et je ne regréte rien. slickncghia Guest. while riding. Even the Kawasaki Z750… hornet 600. kawasaki. Bonne chance! kawasaki. Deante Ancel. Loïc. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > conspiracytheorist Registered Skeptic. Hornet vs. Z750 vs. GSF 600 vs. GSR vs. FZ6. motociclete vechi; second hand; Accesibile, de încredere și frumoase, naked-urile de clasa medie de acum 8-10 ani sunt preferatele românilor când vine vorba de cumpărarea primei motociclete. And so here we are, stood in the rain, eating chips covered in gunk that looks like something hacked up by King Kong. I would say go with the Z750, it's a nice bike, good quality, good reliable engine, from performance view until 150 it holds easy on 600's, and if you have the skills you can outperform them easily in the corners. Joined: Jan 13, 2010 Oddometer: 12 Location: Denmark. xj6. "It's awesome looking from some angles but others oh no, no, no," he said. I've ridden round here a few times in the past, but never on the roads James took us to. Joined: Jan 20, 2010 Oddometer: 61 Location: Brisbane Australia. A while back I had been chatting with James and referred to Huddersfield as 'the lint in the UK's belly button'. ", Niall half agreed: "Yeah, but a bit of character is a good. James is thinking about getting wife Andrea into bikes and reckons the Hornet would be perfect: "It's a bit lighter and gentler than the Kawasaki but still has a smooth engine with good low and mid-range. It still has the familiar Hornet vibes, but they feel slightly muted, which is strange as Honda claims not to have changed anything which could have such an effect. Rien a dire à son sujet ! price. Ownitbaby Adventurer. ", SPECS - HONDA HORNET 600TYPE - STREETBIKEPRODUCTION DATE - 2005PRICE NEW - £5199ENGINE CAPACITY - 599ccPOWER - 86bhp@11,800rpmTORQUE - 43.3lb.ft@10,000rpmWEIGHT - 178kgSEAT HEIGHT - 790mmFUEL CAPACITY - 17LTOP SPEED - 133.3mph0-60 - n/aTANK RANGE - 142MILES, SPECS - KAWASAKI Z750TYPE - STREETBIKEPRODUCTION DATE - 2005PRICE NEW - £5199ENGINE CAPACITY - 599ccPOWER - 101.1bhp@10,600rpmTORQUE - 52lb.ft@8000rpmWEIGHT - 195kgSEAT HEIGHT - 820mmFUEL CAPACITY - 18LTOP SPEED - 141.4mph0-60 - n/aTANK RANGE - 148MILES, SPECS - SUZUKI BANDIT 650TYPE - STREETBIKEPRODUCTION DATE - 2005PRICE NEW - £4200ENGINE CAPACITY - 656ccPOWER - 73.6bhp@9850rpmTORQUE - 41.9lb.ft@7500rpmWEIGHT - 201kgSEAT HEIGHT - 770mmFUEL CAPACITY - 20LTOP SPEED - 129.5mph0-60 - n/aTANK RANGE - 156MILES, SPECS - YAMAHA FZ6TYPE - STREETBIKEPRODUCTION DATE - 2005PRICE NEW - £5399ENGINE CAPACITY - 599ccPOWER - 87.6bhp@11,600rpmTORQUE - 42.6lb.ft@9600rpmWEIGHT - 173kgSEAT HEIGHT - 820mmFUEL CAPACITY - 19LTOP SPEED - 131.5mph0-60 - n/aTANK RANGE - 136MILES. Niall hit the nail on the head when he said the Bandit would have to be, "considerably cheaper than it already is to be an option. "That Z750's engine is fantastic," said Whitham. "It's too hard," reckoned Rob after riding the FZ6. Honda 600 Hornet, Kawasaki Z 750, Suzuki GSR 600, Yamaha FZ6. prend ne prend tu pas une hornet 900 d'ocaz? GSR 600 - pohodlná, nejlepší motor z konkurence (Hornet, FZ6), bez žádných větších chyb - vychytaná, jediná chyba kterou jsem našel - v rychlosti nad 130 opravdu dost fouká na jezdce, protože plasty přidělané na nádrži stáčí vzduch nahoru. This year it gets new inverted forks to fend off the attack of the Z750, Bandit and FZ6, pus a bit of weight is saved by replacing the fuel tap with a digital fuel gauge. But if you're looking for something that is more than a means to an end, something other than a tool to get you from A to B, then the Bandit may disappoint. Welcome to a world of high tea, cucumber sandwiches, and screaming petrol engines as the naked middleweights tear into... MPG. Small, light and available in a variety of colours and flavours, never before has the congested middleweight street bike market been so fruity. Not to mention B-King, which takes it to a higher level again. The next morning I couldn't even see the hotel car park because of the mist and rain. gladius. Je posséde actuellement un 500 CB,(j'ai le permis moto depuis juillet 2002), et j'aimerai avoir votre aide pour choisir ma prochaine moto. Racha Das naked 2 - Z750 e 2 - Hornet Todas Mexidas Gopro hero 3+black Enter the Hornet and Z750: When it comes to ease of use, they rule. Visordown Newsletter By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive emails from crash.net that may occasionally include promotional content, When I were training as an engineer, just after I left school, I had these safety boots, the kind with the metal protective bit on outside. Taillight rière white à led E11 Z750 07/12 & 1000 07/09 & ZX 6 09/12 & ZX 10 R 08/10 E4 . By Rob Hoyles. Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spada stunter, Jan 25, 2006. For more experienced riders I'd recommend the Z750, but if you're newer to biking you'll get on better with the Hornet. But something is different; I'm sure I'm not imagining it. 11:12. This actual bike is going to be his longterm test bike for the year, and it's the first time he's seen it in the flesh. For normal use it isn't bad, but add a few bumps and up the pace and it just gets overworked. Exposed areas were furring up and the bike felt past its best. The rear shock in't too good though. KAWASAKI Z750. Hornet : une moto améliorée tous les ans plus rien a prouver niveau fiabilité, revente tip top, look d enfer, un moteur joueur ... salut, .....reste à voir avec l'assurance comme ce serait ma première bécane. Discuss Already yearning for something like I … Hornet. What bike would u pick out of the 06 models and why? Member. If inline-4s are what you want, for your price range (or under) Bandit 600 or Kawasaki Z750, would likely to cost less than FZ6 or 599. they may have less Hp number, but better torque output at lower rpm range, better suited for commuting traffic pattern. Suzuki GSR 600 or Kawasaki Z750. honda. a hornet 600 a kawa Z750 or FZ6.. if anyone knows any bugs bout these bikes plz let me know Top. RACHA CBR 900 RR VS CB 600 VS CB 600 HORNET . Arriving the night before, Oli and I had been talking about how beautiful the area was and how good the roads were. details. The Bandit's engine is a very close relative of the old oil-cooled GSX-Rs. Milking Cowes - Hornet 600, Z750, Fazer 600, Street Triple R. By Jon Urry. Yamaha’s FZ6 is better equipped and is available with a fairing while Kawasaki’s Z750 has more poke. CO03NO060 . It doesn't really do owt that wrong - it's comfortable and the suspension floats over bumps like a big magic carpet, but that's also its bigdisadvantage. Elle partira comme un petit pain. The next morning things were looking up. Ce comparatif des roadsters Honda CB600F Hornet, Kawasaki Z750, Suzuki GSR 600 et Yamaha FZ6 S2 est le plus attendu des matches 2007, et pour cause : ces motos sont déjà les plus vendues en France ! Reply Reply ... the FZ6 is a gutless revvy thing, I had a previous Fazer 600 and that was a much better bike. Price: £ 5249. Mais bon, mois pour me décider, il me faut obligatoirement un essai... sfv650. 1:02. 10:50. The bike we rode only had 1000 miles on the clock but it was already looking second-hand. The only thing that leans me away from the Street Triple is that its a model that has been around for a while and almost expecting a revamp soon. Plus d'infos. 3. ... KAWASAKI Z750 X CB 600 HORNET ACELERANDO FORTE SERRA FERNÃO DIAS - … With Whitham leading the way the pace wasn't exactly touring speed, so I was quite relieved to have prised the Hornet's keys out of Niall's clenched fist before we left. Share: 0. 9103SC060 . Category: Naked. Latest Reviews. Pour ma part, sans hésiter le Z750. But the Hornet isn't far behind. Wed, 14 Apr 2010. Harley-Davidson LiveWire (2020) range recharge and road-test. He's right when he says it's top biking country; the surface on the whole is excellent and the roads tight and twisty, perfect for our naked middleweights. This website is owned and published by Crash Media Group Limited. Honda 600 Hornet, Kawasaki Z 750, Suzuki GSR 600, Yamaha FZ6 ", Apart from the digital fuel gauge there isn't anything about it that says 'I'm new'. Z750 looking like a favourite so far Top. YAMAHA FZ6. 6 years ago | 381 views. Good point. Now Honda is looking to spread that enthusiasm stateside by bringing the Hornet--rechristened the 599--to the U.S. market. Rouler en 350cm3 après le permis? "Most of the industry is shut down, but Huddersfield ain't that bad really. Niall summed it up: "It already feels like a second-hand bike when you buy it new.". For more experienced riders I'd recommend the Z750, but if you're newer to biking you'll get on better with the Hornet." Which is a contrast to the other three bikes. Ayant pas mal roule sur un XJR, je l'echangerais volontier contre cette super petite Z, voila pour mon Avis... ça tombe bien j'hésitais entre ces 2 montures. Avis moto Z750 vs Ducati Monster 696 vs Hornet 600. Pour avoir essaye les 2 mon choix va sur la Z sans hesiter, plus agreable à tous regimes sans avoir l'enervement de la hornet en haut, plus confortable a mon gout, je me sens mieux dessus, puis c un 750 pour le prix d'un 600..... Come up and I'll show you." Salut a tous je possede une hornet 2003. specifications. 10:50. Whitham takes us by the hand and leads us through the streets of Huddersfield. 10:50. 9003SVS60 . COMPARISON: Aprilia RS 660 … Kawasaki Z900 (2019) real-world review | Part one, Remembering Nicky Hayden in 10 magic moments, MotoGP: Tech 3 Yamaha switch from Dunlop to Michel, COMPARISON: Aprilia RS 660 takes on its (almost) rivals. Sinon tu peux toujours tenter de les essayer pour te faire une idée... from : 81.67 € (public price vat excl.) pour ma part, je me suis laissé tenté par la hornet (1er moto), et je dois dire que je ne regrette toujours pas non plus! A neat trick. J'ai aussi hésité comme toi et j'ai craqué pour la z750 et je ne regréte rien. for nose screen look Z 1000 . Le comparatif moto : Hornet 600, Z 750, GSR 600 et FZ6 S2 ! Par Vintage Driver (T4R'M0), le 20 septembre 2014 dans Débuter la Moto. James thought it was a class act. Road Test: 2007 Z750 v FZ6 v GSR v Hornet. Whereas the Z750, Hornet and Monster are the next level up and see more longevity in them. road test. Moi je prendrais une Z, mais apres m'etre fait la main sur une 600 fazer de 2003 toute équipée ... et re. Wed, 28 May 2008. "You have to make the engine work though, and I'm not sure that's what people want from this kind of bike." 5 years ago | 100 views. eurobike23. The Z750 is stylish with its magnesium-coloured engine covers, and the new-for-2005 paint schemes have a cool metal flake effect, replacing the slightly Lego-brick blue of last year's machine. The Z's rear shock is a weak spot. Suzuki. RosendaBernstein. Its CBR-derived engine is smooth enough to flatter even the most cack-handed riding. Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by sundown, Nov 2, 2006. sundown, Nov 2, 2006 #1. sundown n00b. spada stunter. Salut, Share: 0. Niall was drawn to its hard suspension because he felt it complemented the revvy engine, but both Rob and I felt it was too harsh, unforgiving and lacking in low-down power. Un pote a moi passe eon permis il hesite entre une hornet et un Z 750. By Jon Urry. Puffybatting. Its a tad bigger which suits bigger people (im 6' 3), the extra power will make you keep it longer and its always good to have it for overpassings etc. Avis moto Z750 vs Ducati Monster 696 vs Hornet 600 Important : Gros changements à venir pour le forum. Aprilia RS 660 [2020] | … Maud Tex. honda. 10:49. The problem with bikes in such a competitive category is that manufacturers have to keep costs down so some areas are skimped on - and it's often suspension. Review. It needs more damping.". Maud Tex. These bikes are often bought as a first big bike or easy-going commuter, so a user-friendly motor is ideal. sfv650. Moderator. "It's not the strongest engine but I found it quite exciting," said Niall. It's just too soft. I reckon the seat was a bit on the hard side but that's a minor thing. (or Street Triple) Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hynejont, May 5, 2010. Keep your opinions coming as they are very much appreciated. Z750 vs. CB600 (Hornet) vs. Sv650 vs.? It's in town so at least we can get a brew to warm up.". The Kawasaki Z750's 748cc DOHC in-line four makes 20bhp more than Honda’s Hornet 600, 13bhp more than Yamaha’s FZ6 and 30 more than Suzuki’s SV650. Re the Z750, it is an excellent bike, a very strong engine that could take a much higher state of tune in its stride, it is often over looked as a 600 alternative because it has little if any extra outright performance over the 600's and instead is seen as a poor mans Z1000. "It a nice bike," said James, "with a good engine, and it steers the best. Naked bikes and rude place names. Joined: Dec 26, 2005 Messages: 86 Gender: Location: BALLARAT, out country Ratings: +0 #3 … Yamaha. Original Poster. Merci d'avoir posé cette question pour moi Share: 0. ‘It enters with a Bang’ The eagerly awaited Inside Line on this Month’s Big news Launch, and first ride of the new latest Model in this Detailed New model Test – Ducati Hypermotard (2 pages). Gagner des places pour les grands événements motos, Calculez votre tarif d'assurance avec AXA, Kronik : Je ne serai jamais embauché à Moto Coin-Coin, 2.900€ d'avantages client pour Noël chez Suzuki, Jusqu'à 200 euros de remise chez Maxxess pour Noël, 100 euros de remise pour Noël avec Moto-Axxe, Mutuelle des Motards : un réseau experts labellisés, Jeu vidéo Ride4 : disponible dès maintenant, Louis : prix hallucinants sur l'équipement motard, Champion du Monde en Endurance et MotoGP pour Suzuki, Découvrez la série originale Facom: Rouge mécanique, Calculez votre tarif d'assurance avec AMV, MotoGP : le casque du retour pour Marquez, Avis financier sur première moto permis a2. Hornet. Premium Member. Z750: moto récente, moteur plein, look on/off But will it still offer up the vibey ride and shonky tank range of its top-selling predecessor? CB 600 HORNET X CBR 600 RR X ZX 10R X R1 X SRAD 1000 (TRACK DAY SANTA CRUZ DO SUL) 13/03/2011 HD. ", James is thinking about getting wife Andrea into bikes and reckons the Hornet would be perfect: "It's a bit lighter and gentler than the Kawasaki but still has a smooth engine with good low and mid-range. Sunday 26th July 2009. Video: James Whitham Donington 1098R onboard, Triumph Trident 660 Review | A quick and classy A2 middle-weight, Triumph Trident 660 [2021] | First Impressions Ride Review, Ducati Multistrada V4 S [2021] | FIRST RIDE REVIEW. voila je suis nouveau et je ne connait pas encore tout ce site, qui me parait être vraiment génial. Both bikes have gotten great reviews and have die hard followers. Not exactly keeping up with the water-cooled, sportsbike-engined competition, but it is about a grand cheaper. The new inverted forks up front are a tad soft but it isn't really a problem. The motor is a … Jeskap Oficial 1,620,001 views. Suzuki. z750. Tue, 6 Apr 2010. Abonnés 0. If you aren't that experienced you may think it's fine, but try cornering at speed and the suspension is all over the place. Que choisir entre FZ6, Z750, Hornet 600, Bandit 600 et GSR ?? Wet roads aren't a lot of use for either testing bikes or photographing them so, after deciding that the Fazer looked good but the Z750 was the most handsome of the bunch, we called it quits for the day. Le seul pb des Kawa c 'est leur nouveau compte tour... eurobike23. Report. By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive emails from crash.net that may occasionally include promotional content, Visordown is part of the CMG Full Throttle Network. #1. Maud Tex. for sale. Essaie les, ce sera tjours plus simple. It will carry you around in comfort, but not a lot else. Review. 1er site d'information et de services motos. 11:12. WHEELING STOPPIES KAWASAKI Z750 HONDA 600 HORNET Z750BOMBERMIKE STUNT 51 REIMS.

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